We are raising funds to support IDPs from the Shan-Kayah borders in Burma. All money raised will go directly to support IDPs. In total, around 120 people had to flee their homes from the Shan-Kyah border due to the civil war between the military Junta, the local People’s Defence Force (PDF), and the ethnic armed groups. They currently live in a safe place in Shan State. Please donate as soon as you can, support is urgently needed.

All funds will be securely distributed. Any amount of support will be highly appreciated. 100% of the money raised will be sent directly to our local members in Shan State, Burma and the money will directly support affected communities. Money raised will be used for the following purposes:

1. 3D protection filter masks                                      = 2,000 kyat /per pack (10 pcs)/person
2. Face-shield                                                                = 700 kyat /per person
3. Hand-gel and soap                                                   = 3,000 kyat/per person
4. Medicine: paracetamol, vitamin-C, zine              = 5000 kyat /per person (in cases of illness)
Estimate costs for 120 people is 10,700k x120       = 1,284,000k or (25,669 Thai Bath)

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Bank account name: Sai Hseing Pha
Account No. 672-008368-9
Bank: Bangkok Bank

No land is vacant, fallow and virgin land.

February 14, 2020