Weaving Bonds internship program offers students the opportunity to gain direct practical experiences with WBAB work. Internship opportunities are available worldwide both online and onsite internships.

We had 5 interns for our program in 2016. Two interns were from Myanmar (2 females), 2 interns were from China (1 male and 1 female) and another intern was from Japan (1 female). Each of them worked with Weaving Bonds for 3 months. The previous interns helped the Weaving Bonds team on project implementation, financial reporting, story collection, producing narrative stories and reviewing project proposals and reports from our alumni. Our interns also conducted a field study to support alumni in Cambodia. Through their work, our interns improved their facilitation skills, writing skills, interview skills, communication skills and ability to be young leaders.

Weaving Bonds identifies the need for an intern to support its team and all candidates can submit their applications through the organization’s email weavingbonds@gmail.com