The name Weaving Bonds Across Borders was chosen as a meaningful and symbolic way to describe the mission and vision of our work. In the same way that a weaver takes different threads and intertwines them together to create a strong fabric, our work also brings together different people and communities and weaves them together to create strong bonds and relationships. The borders that we create bonds across are not just national borders, but also the borders in our hearts and minds, including across religious, gender, and ethnic lines, as well as any other of the ways in which we create boundaries to divide and separate ourselves from others. As weaving is a practice that is common to many groups and communities around the world, particularly women, it is a name with significance for many of the groups we work with. It was also important given our global nature to have a name that could be easily and beautifully translated to and understood in Burmese and Spanish, as well as other languages.