Weaving Bonds Across Borders (WBAB) is a cross-border grassroots network established in 2014 in order to build leadership in marginalized communities. We promote learning and exchange between communities through the use of training and leadership development. Our focus is on the intersection of gender, environmental issues, and peacebuilding in the global South. Weaving Bonds Co-founded by three young women from different religious and ethnic backgrounds, we are a truly unique organization with a deep commitment to supporting grassroots communities to be leaders for peace and environmental justice.

Since 2014, we have been working directly with groups and communities along the Thai – Burma border and Shan State, Burma to develop workshops on skills that are most needed. We play a partnership role in helping to create healthier, confident, community participation and strategic leaders for social justice. Our training work bridges the fields of mindfulness, peacebuilding, gender equality, land rights, and advocacy and is innovative in helping to create a healthier, holistic, and accepting culture among activists working for positive change. We also provide training and networking opportunities for grassroots activists from across the Mekong region through our network.