Workshops and Trainings

We organize workshops and trainings for non-profits, schools, universities and grassroots communities.
Our team has organized workshops on topics including:
-Wellness and Self Care
-Mindfulness and Healing
-Training and Facilitation Skills/ TOT
-Peace building and Conflict Transformation
-Women’s Leadership and Gender Equality
-Gender and Water Governance
-Gender and Land Rights
-Video Advocacy

Through our trainings, we build and support the leadership of youth and affected/marginalized communities. By working directly with groups and communities to develop workshops on skills that are most needed, we play a partnership role in helping to create more healthy, confident and strategic leaders for social justice.

Our training work bridging the fields mindfulness, peacebuilding, gender equality, and advocacy is innovative in helping to create a healthier, holistic and accepting culture among activists working for positive change.

Leadership and Empowerment Across South East Asia

Across Southeast Asia, conflicts over resources, including water, land and boundaries threaten peace in the region. Our work supports regional networking and leadership of youth and young women. Our Young Women’s Leadership Program works with young women from Southeast Asia to promote young women’s leadership on conflict and environmental issues. We achieve this through; training and leadership development for young women from marginalized groups, in order to build their skills and confidence as leaders, regional networking through social media, events, and our regional resource center,and action support for youth-led activities and trainings on issues including gender and community rights in Southeast Asia.

“Our regional work in Southeast Asia is truly unique. We bring together young women from grassroots communities in Southeast Asia to learn, exchange and grow together.” – Weaving Bonds Regional Coordinator
“Bringing together young women from marginalized groups involves a lot of challenges, including language, and communication issues, but we truly believe it is worthwhile. So often, these types of leadership programs only bring those who have the best English skills, network or connections. We deliberately choose instead to focus on investing in the leadership and empowerment of youth from directly affected and grassroots communities” – Weaving Bonds Regional Coordinator

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Leadership and Empowerment in Myanmar

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Our network supports leadership development and empowerment in grassroots communities, led directly by and for youth and young women from marginalized groups.
In Myanmar/Burma, we work in the remote grassroots area of Mong Pan, Shan State which is located in one of the world’s longest running conflict zones. We started the first community center to support youth leaders working for peace, gender equality, and campaigning for environmental justice in Mong Pan.
Community advocacy workshop in Mong Pan, Shan State, Myanmar
Ethnic minority youth from Mong Pan have been affected not only by the 50 year long civil war, but political conflict, lack of political and cultural representation, and environmental destruction including widespread logging.

In order to counteract this, our program supports young leaders to be empowered, knowledgeable and confident to lead campaigns on the issues affecting their community.
We are doing this through;
leadership development and peace building through our trainings and internship program that help unite and empower the community
knowledge and skills based workshops on topics including video advocacy, Environmental Impact/Social Impact Assessment, and environmental protection, in order to build the knowledge, skills and confidence of local youth advocates
networking through our community center and activities that bring together environmental and peace advocates from across Shan State, Burma and the Mekong region and
action support for youth-led activities through small grants and technical training.

Youth Voices

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