Weaving Bonds Across Borders is a women-led network that is building the power and leadership of youth from grassroots communities to work together for peace, women’s rights, and environmental justice.

We promote leadership from and exchange between the grassroots and global South through training, peacebuilding, and support for youth and community-led actions.

Our aim and ambition is to build  leadership of those traditionally excluded, particularly young women from minority groups, grassroots organizations, and indigenous backgrounds. We do this through a three-pronged approach:
1) training and leadership development programs that promote the leadership of youth and build up the capacity of young women’s, particularly young women from marginalized communities through our regional workshops for Mekong youth and young women, and local workshops for youth in Burma
2) funding and support for young women-led activities and actions in their communities
3) creating spaces for regional solidarity to share our strength and amplify our voices